Meet Rachel

A Pastor’s kid from the Midwest, Rachel has written her way to the feet of Jesus. Her whole faith journey is documented in journal after journal. Songwriting, poetry and prose became regular outlets for Rachel growing up. Her passion for writing led her to study at Liberty University where she released her first solo album of original songs with Tate Music Group, worked for the University as a student-life blogger and performed with an improv team on the weekends with Youthquest ministries.

She met her husband of eight years while attending Liberty University and working towards a degree in Religion. Together they have grieved the unimaginable loss of six miscarriages in four years and celebrated the miracle of their two healthy children. Rachel’s unique suffering of frequent and unexplained miscarriages has given her the opportunity to be a broken vessel for God’s glory. Her unique story has touched hundreds of hearts as she resonates with so many women who find themselves alone in this sorrow and points them to the hope of Jesus even in the midst of grief.

Rachel currently serves as the Director of Communication alongside her husband who serves as the Associate Worship Pastor at First Baptist Grapevine. You can often find her writing in her “thinking chair” with a big white mug of steaming coffee, her two little miracle children pretending to be asleep just down the hall. Rachel’s journey of faith-shaking suffering points her readers to a hope that does not disappoint – Jesus. Rachel hopes to soon release her story of walking with Jesus in the unique grief of multiple miscarriages.

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