In the Spring of last year my Momma surprised me with the most moving gift I have ever received. She was at a conference and listened to a speaker share about tear bottles in the passages found in Psalm 56:8 and Luke 7: 37-38. After the speaker finished she told the women that she herself collects tear bottles and wanted them to go through her collection and take however many they wanted.

My Momma jumped up and ran back there because she knew exactly what to do with her tear bottles.

She and my Dad carefully pieced together a beautiful collection of 6 bottles. All different, except for two.

These are the tear bottles for my babies. They represent to me the tears that my Mom and Dad have cried not just for me and my husband but in grieving their grandchildren they will never meet this side of heaven. The tear bottles represent my own tears for my children, for the dreams that I had for them. But more than that, they represent the truth that the Lord sees my pain, my depression, my sorrow, my questions, my “do-the-next-thing” kind of faith, my tears.

In Psalm 56:8 David acknowledges that God collects our tears in His own tear bottle – mingled with His own tears for us. Wow. He sees our pain. He is grieved when we experience death. He is grieved when we experience injustice. He is so well acquainted with our sorrow.

The image of my tears swirling in colorful, blown glass along with Almighty God’s is overwhelming to me.

I treasure these bottles, as they represent the six children we have lost in miscarriage Hope, Mercy, Glory, Faith, Joy and Wonder. Each bottle unique. Each sorrow unique. Each tear collected. My sorrow seen.

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