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“I was a tender 24 years old when I eagerly looked up at the screen during my first sonogram. My heart was pounding from the adrenaline of being able to get a glimpse of my first child. My palms were clammy and cold, and I was talking too much. All the signs of a new mom. The thought of miscarriage had briefly entered my mind, but that sort of thing happened so rarely. Right? It couldn’t happen to us. Right?”

Within four years, Rachel Haughton Wagner lost six babies in miscarriage. The births of her two healthy children brought joy but never replaced the heartache for the children she has lost. The Miscarriage Club tells the story of her journey with Jesus through multiple miscarriages, incorporating thoughts from her husband to help couples engage with each other as they grieve.

The Miscarriage Club helps us to:
• Remember that we are not alone as we grieve – as Rachel remembers how the Lord was always near during the most painful days and nights of her miscarriages. The reader will find relatable moments where she can stop and say to herself “me too.”
• Mourn the tragedy of miscarriage understanding that the supernatural joy of the Lord is present even in the midst of our sorrow.
• Guard our hearts and minds against the enemy with Scripture – recognizing Satan’s eagerness to kill our hope, steal our mind and destroy our faith even when we’re grieving.
• Bring our doubts and questions to the Lord, trusting that He is not only an approachable Father but also a powerful King.
• Commit to believing – even in the doubting, even in the very real questions – that God is good. Believing that God is good doesn’t minimize our pain. But it does give it purpose.
• Encourage our own hearts and minds with Scripture again and again even when the darkness of despair tries to snuff out all hope.
• Rest in the keeping of the Lord as we balance the tension of longing for heaven and making His name great here on earth.

Rachel is a voice for a community often forgotten, a club of women no one wants to be a part of: The Miscarriage Club.

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